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[ What Makes the Classroom Sustainable? Its Purpose… ]

The earth needs champions, and we look to create those champions each time we take a child outside to discover the natural world around them. This classroom helps us welcome eager children, engage their senses, and prepare them for learning in Cope’s beautiful outdoor classroom.

Classroom at Cope Environmental CenterMade possible by a gift from Quigg Family Foundation and Stamm Koechlein Family Foundation.

Classroom at Cope Environmental CenterDo you remember all of those bottle caps the community collected for Cope? Did YOU collect some at your school or home? If you did, YOU HELPED BUILD THIS BUILDING! The caps were ground into small pieces by #1 Polymer Source, then made into colorful sheets by B&F Plastics for this wall. Thank you for helping us create a local recycled product, AND thanks to Centerville Green Club for organizing the collection effort!

Classroom at Cope Environmental CenterThese beautiful cabinets were made by Bob Ferrell and Danny Stackleather (of Countertop Manufacturing) using locally grown maple. Though now hidden, the countertops were built using reclaimed decking. With the addition of a recyclable stainless steel top, this countertop is a tough but sustainable solution for the space!
Classroom at Cope Environmental CenterClassroom at Cope Environmental Center