Program Director

Program Director Position Description

Summary Description:

The Program Director is responsible for the development, promotion, implementation and evaluation of all program activities at the Cope Environmental Center. Status: Non-exempt

Reports to:

The Executive Director of the Cope Environmental Center

Gives Direct Supervision to:

The Program Director supervises Program volunteers and staff.


Following are the general areas of responsibility for the position. Details of responsibilities will be established as needed for specific projects by the Program Director in association with the Executive Director.

Program duties:

1. Plan, develop, and implement written curriculum for school programs that aligns to Indiana and Ohio academic standards, are creative, hands-on educational experiences for school children. This also includes developing pre and post curriculum activities.

2. Plan, develop, and implement written curriculum for summer programs that are dynamic and engaging.

3. Plan, develop, and implement written curriculum for family and community programs that attract new program participants and retain previous program participants.
4. Evaluate written curriculum and implementation of all on- and off-site programs and make improvements based on input from participants, teachers, observers, Program Committee and Executive Director.
5. Represent CEC at appropriate community events and activities by providing programming, booth/table displays, etc.
6. Participate in a leadership role with the community Earth Day Celebration committee.
7. Monitor and document relevant information and statistics for all on- and off-site programs for the purpose of attendance, program evaluation and improvement.
8. Record and monitor events and activities for the planning calendar to facilitate efficient operation of the center and avoid scheduling conflicts involving staff and/or facilities.
9. Work with the Executive Director to develop and implement an annual Program Plan and Program Budget to achieve the mission and vision of CEC.
10. Market all programs. This includes creating and distributing flyers and brochures to schools, organizations and the community-at-large to advertise program events and activities, writing press releases, attending networking events to promote programs, updating the website & social media, sending emails, creating a newsletter and using various forms of communication to inform the community of our program offerings.
11. Connect with teachers and other participants via email and other forms of communication, create annual Teacher Guide and distribute to teachers in Wayne and surrounding counties,

12. Maintain the volunteer database and sign in sheet.

13. Remain educated and informed on current trends in the environmental and interpretive education through reading, professional development and networking with other program and/or naturalist professionals.

14. Identify and source partnership opportunities through calls, email, and personal visits. Develop partnership programming, exhibits, and special events.

15. Work on education and outreach grants by contributing to project planning, application, grant writing and reporting. Monitor, track, and ensure compliance with grant requirements and budget constraints.

16. Develop a CEC volunteer program including stewardship of volunteers to keep them engaged with CEC throughout the year.

17. Research and purchase supplies and equipment following the protocol required by the Executive Director and CEC budget and policies.

18. Oversee wildlife ambassadors used for education. Maintain habitats, health, and feeding of each of our wildlife reptiles.

Director duties:

As senior staff, Directors of the Cope Environmental Center have responsibilities beyond those of regular staff. Specifically, the Program Director is responsible to:

1. Prepare monthly and special reports in a timely fashion and according to the format required by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.
2. Recruit, train, coordinate, and supervise all program volunteers.
3. Assist in community outreach and promotion of CEC by: speaking to groups, participating in community organizations and events, and working with media representatives.

Additional Responsibilities:
When required, additional projects and work plans, with specific objectives, will be developed by the Program Director working in association with the Executive Director that fall outside the specific list of responsibilities listed above. Also, emergencies may arise which require the Program Director to set aside planned work to assist other staff members and/or volunteers.


• Education and/or training in the field of education and natural resources is essential.
• The ability to recruit, hire, and effectively train & supervise volunteers and program staff is essential.
• Knowledge of conservation practices and sustainable stewardship practices is desirable.
• The Program Director should possess excellent interpersonal, leadership, managerial, computer, and communication (written and spoken) skills.
• Experience in implementing programs with youth, preferably in an outreach/camp setting
• Familiar with adult learning concepts
• Bachelors’ Degree preferred

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