Become a Member


Becoming a member of CEC is easy and helps us educate over 10,000 students and community members each year! Memberships are tax deductible include a subscription to the Eco-Type newsletter (sent out twice a year), program discounts, access to CEC’s Best Way Disposal Recycling Bin, and free entry to over 140 nature centers across the US and Canada. Most important, your membership means that the greater community will continue to benefit from quality environmental education.

Members can join at the following suggested levels:


Senior/Student membership: $35.00/year

Senior membership is applicable for those 55+, and Student membership is applicable for high school and undergraduate students.


Individual membership: $45.00/year


Family membership: $65.00/year

Family membership is applicable for individuals at the same residence.


Supporting membership: $150.00/year for individuals, $300.00/year for households

Includes yearly gift – Local maple syrup, honey, or other CEC localized item. (Dependent on year.)


Sustainer’s Circle membership: $500.00+/year

Includes a 20% facility rental discount and invitation to yearly members-only events and programs.