Take part in the 2nd Annual CEC Birdathon from May 7-23, 2021!

What is a birdathon? 

It is like a walk-a-thon or read-a-thon, but instead of counting steps or books, we count birds! It is an opportunity to get outside, learn your birds, and help raise funds for Cope Environmental Center. You can recruit supporters to pledge $.25, $.50, $1.00, or more for each different bird species (or they can support by making a flat donation!)

CEC Birdathon 2021 presented by 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.

Join the Birding Fun on Pledgeit!
This year we are partnering with to provide a portal for birder registration, pledge tracking, and campaign progress. On PledgeIt, you can view the leaderboard, read more about team and individual birders, and join the challenge. Click below to head over to PledgeIt to get started!

Countdown to CEC Birdathon 2021!

Resources for CEC Birdathon 2021

Registration Instructions for PledgeIt

View the instructions below or download the instructions to register here!

Did you miss our Birdathon training sessions? Click here to watch a recorded session on all things CEC Birdathon!

Bird ID Resources

Audobon – Guide to North American Birds,

Indiana Audobon – Backyard Birds of Indiana,

Indiana Audobon – IN State Bird Checklist,

Cornell Lab – All About Birds Resources,

Listed below are the three ways to participate:

  1. Solo Birders: Bird anytime during the CEC Birdathon. Walk in your neighborhood, watch at your bird feeders, search lakes and ponds, drive in your car, or go for a hike at places like CEC, Hayes Arboretum, and the parks. You will seek supporters who will either pledge $ for each different species or make a flat donation. All pledges toward the CEC Birdathon event are tax-deductible. On PledgeIt, you will select “Fundraise on my own" to register!

  2. Teams: Same as above but in teams no larger than 6. One of these six members will play the role of Team Captain. Teams can be families, friends, or coworkers and will compete against other teams. Team members can bird individually or in groups. All pledges toward the CEC Birdathon event are tax-deductible. Please use proper social distancing when birding in groups — even on trails. On PledgeIt, you will choose “Join a Team" if you are a team member or “Create a team" if you are a Team Captain.

  3. Pledge: If you would rather keep track of other birder's progress, you can support individuals or teams by pledging a donation to CEC per species or with a flat donation. On PledgeIt, you will click the “Pledge" button and choose a flat donation amount or a pledge per bird.

Award Categories:

– Most Species seen by an individual (Either on a Team or as a Solo Birder) –


– Most Species seen by a Local Team (Within a 100 mile radius of CEC) –


– Most Species seen by a Distance Team (Outside a 100 mile radius of CEC) –


– Most Money raised by a Team (Anywhere in the world) –


– Most Money raised by an Individual (Anywhere in the world) –


A free individual membership will be given to all participants who raise $50 or more!


A free family membership will be given to all participants who raise $75 or more!


Have questions about the Bird-a-thon? Email for more information!