Animal Rescue & Other Q’s


Birds & Wildlife Rehabilitation:

Here is a comprehensive list of animal rehabilitators in Indiana.

Our local wildlife rehabilitator in Wayne County is Joyce Luckett at Animal Care Alliance. She accepts mammals as well as injured songbirds and raptors. You can contact her at Animal Alliance at 765-488-1342, 4101 National Road West, Richmond, Indiana. Another great resource is Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators. They are a State and Federally permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to providing expert veterinary care, rehabilitation, and release to native Indiana reptiles, mammals, birds and birds of prey. This is the place to come when you’ve found injured or orphaned wildlife, and it’s also the place to turn for reliable answers to your questions about the animals in your neighborhood and backyard.  

Location: Hope, Indiana. Contact: or 812-546-6318


DNR Hotline:

Can’t find a rehabilitator in your area? The best place to call is DNR’s hotline- they can direct you to a certified rehabilitator. Contact them at (800) 847-4367.


Animal Removal:

If you are in need of animal removal services, please contact Tri-County Pest Control and Wildlife Services. They will follow your wishes for removal and are experienced in live trapping of a wide variety of animals. Contact them at: (765) 965-1900.

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Plant and Pest Identification Resources:

For help with plant and pest identification, we recommend visiting the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostics Laboratory website.

Are you interested in WILD EDIBLES?  Here are a few really great websites to check out:


Tree Help:

Need help with your trees? Want to find a local certified arborist? Locally, you can call Tyler Roehler at 765-977-2078 for help. You can also check out the Indiana Arborist Association’s website. Choose “Find A Certified Arborist” from their left-hand side menu. You will then be guided to the International Society of Arboriculture’s page where you can easily type in your zip code and get a list of local resources. This is a great resource regardless of where you live! Chad Frank of Synergistic Solutions is a good resource for tree questions too. He can be contacted by email at or by office phone at 1-317-893-2975.

Are you curious about Black Walnuts toxicity to plants and animals?  Check out The Ohio State University’s Fact sheet.



Have you been thinking about having a flock of chickens and are not sure what to do or how to get started?  If so, go to to learn all about chickens.